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"Love the look, smell and feel of Laura's Soap Delight soaps. I got a couple of them as gifts from a friend. I was pleasantly surprised at how long the soap lasted and how it can be used for sensitive parts of the body. I have placed an custom order for my wedding favours with her. She was supper friendly and accommodating with the design to match my wedding theme and colours. I am supper exited to see the finish product and to see what new soaps she comes up with in the future."

- Thanh

"I asked Laura to make me a custom order for my bridal shower. She made beautiful lavender/rose soaps with a gorgeous design and packaging. I was beyond happy with the overall product and my guests truly enjoyed their soap gift. Trying her soaps myself, I can say they leave my skin feeling clean and nicely moisturized. Some of her soaps have a exfoliating component as well that isn’t too harsh on the skin. I suffer from keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and I can definitely see a difference after using Laura’s soap. Great find!"

- Anna

"Laura's soaps are wonderful! I have tried several- I keep going back for more! They are incredibly moisturizing and offer a gentle exfoliation. They look delicious and they smell lovely! They come packaged so beautifully with ethical materials. The specialty seasonal soaps are so cute and make for a perfect gift!"

- Joanna

"These soaps smell as good as they look! Very moisturizing. My entire family has used them. My 4 year old loved the smell and my 2 year old actually tried to eat it, it looked so yummy! I gifted them to my mother in law and she raves about them. Her hands have taken a hit since covid and hand sanitizing, so this soap has been a saviour for her dry cracked hands. I normally use bath gel and a loofah but now I will never go back. Thanks Laura!"

- Shaheen

"I have tried these soaps and have become a little obsessed. I have bought them for many friends and family as presents and they were equally as impressed. My skin feels luxurious after I use this soap and I feel clean and fresh. The fact that is it is all natural is a huge selling point to me as well.
I'm excited to try the new ones coming out ☺️"

- Sherri