Laura's Soap Story

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Laura's Soap Delight specializes in small-batch, hand made soaps, created with care using Canadian organic ingredients. My personal goal in life is to maintain a balanced lifestyle focused on health and wellness. As part of this journey, I wanted to find great skin products, particularly for my combination skin in these harsh Canadian winters. I searched for a soap that would reduce the need for moisturizers and decrease the quantity of skincare products in my bathroom. After some preliminary research, it became clear that the best skin ingredients were the most natural and 'old school' - whole and simple, free of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, metals, and pesticides. Natural products help the skin maintain its own beautiful and complex microbiome. I couldn't find a product on the market that met all my needs - clean and super moisturizing. So, I decided to create it myself! I already had experience with making my own toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, scrubs, and cleaning products. Making soap couldn’t be too much harder, right?

After two years of research, classes, and an abundance of trial and error mixed with a global pandemic, I have become a 'mad scientist' and discovered a passion for making soaps in my free time. I channeled my creativity and knowledge to develop the perfect soap for my skin, (one of my original goals); and would love to share the fruits of my labour with others! Making soap is a true source of joy, and a creative outlet for me. 

My career in the health care field requires regular use of harsh, drying, industrial soaps and disinfectants. The COVID-19 pandemic compounded the need for increased hand-washing at home so I wanted to find a way to balance good hand-hygiene while also protecting my skin.

I have created several balanced recipes for soaps that leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated, so much so that I no longer have dry and cracked skin nor do I use daily moisturizer. Family, friends, and colleges became interested in my soaps (some even said they looked good enough to eat!); and, very organically, my business started to grow!

It is important to me to have ethically made products that support local and to give back to my community. All of my ingredients are Canadian sourced and most of the ingredients are Certified Organic, Fair Trade, sustainable, and biodegradable. 

Indulge in luxury products that are great for your skin, look beautiful and support a small business!

If you have question or comments, I invite you to reach out below!